• Best Herbal Remedies For Acne And Acne Scars

    Acne is a skin disease and it affects many people. It is seen in people with large number of sebaceous follicles in skin especially the face. These acne can leave behind scars when it is severe. The best herbal remedy for acne and acne scars can be used to get rid of the skin condition. Other treatments available in the market are medication, ointments and creams. Acne occurs due to hormonal condition or if one has oily skin. It could be a hereditary problem in some cases.

    Acne scars are a result of the inflammation caused by the acne. When the skin tries to repairs itself and there is too much collagen in one area, a scar occurs. Best herbal remedy for acne can be effective in reducing these marks. Some of the herbal remedies are listed as below. One should choose the best herbal remedy applicable.

    1. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil can be dabbed on the acne with a cotton swab. This helps is reducing the acne condition.

  • Nutrition Value Of Dokudami – Offering You A Healthy Body

    When it comes to the nutrition value of dokudami, it is first important to know where the plant comes from. You can find this herb in Asian countries such as Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China. Since this plant is a perennial you can count on this herb to grow and even bloom during all seasons of the year. The interesting attribute about this specific plant is that it has a fishy smell when you rub on the leaves. It grows quickly as well as in dark and moist areas. Since this plant has a strong scent, there are many medical records from the early history of Asia that speak of this fish smelling plant.

    Since the name of this plant, dokudami has the meaning of ‘poison blocking plant’ many have looked to it for medical needs. Within the country of Japan, this is one of the most popular herbs used for medicinal and many other nutritional purposes. To receive the most nutrition value of dokudami, it can be used dried or fresh. To get the most benefit from the herb while it is dried state, using it in tea is the most common. To get the most benefit from the herb while it is fresh, there are many more applications. Fresh dokudami can be put into warm bath water, directly eaten and rubbed on the skin. When in the fresh state, this herb can also be used as a garnish for a meal.

    If you are looking for dokudami while in an Asian country, there will be some distinct characteristics you will find. The leaves of this herb are shaped like a heart. Normally the leaves will be anywhere from two to four inches long and one to four inches wide. This is a strong plant that can grow in low light as well as in the water. The plant will be around ten to forty inches tall. You can find beautiful yellow and green flowers on the dokudami plant and the stems will be white in color.

  • Mental Healthcare of Young Mothers

    The birth of a baby can trigger a range of powerful emotions such as excitement, joy, even fears. But it can also result in something you might not expect-postpartum depression. It is a condition which affects the mental health of many young mothers. The symptoms are the following: strong feelings of sadness, anxiety, or irritability, emotional stress which interferes with taking care of self or family,tearfulness,trouble to motivate oneself to do normal, routine chores, compulsive overeating or diminished interest in food, lack of interest in self grooming, inability to sleep when tired or too much sleeping, trouble concentrating or making decisions, forgetfulness, loss of pleasure or interest in doing things which used to be fun, undue worry about the baby, lack of interest in the new baby, fear of harming the new baby, thoughts of self harm or suicide.

    The causes of post partum depression could be hormonal changes. Sometimes the hormonal changes in a woman’s body may trigger some symptoms. The amount of the two female hormones estrogen and progesterone increase greatly during pregnancy in a woman’s body. During the first 24 hours after childbirth, these amounts decrease rapidly and keep dropping till it reaches the normal level. Apart from these biological changes, numerous physical, psychological and environmental factors also contribute to postpartum depression such as fatigue, broken sleeping patterns, insufficient rest etc.

    There are various breakthroughs in medical sciences dedicated to the mental healthcare of young mothers. The most common treatment for depression is the use of antidepressant medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two. The treatment depends on the nature and severity of the depression and to some extent on the individual preference. In severe cases medication is generally recommended under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

  • How To Remove Belly Fat Nine Powerful Foods

    Many people strive to lose weight. The only problem is that they simply do not know what foods to eat. Below are some common foods that will help you along with you weight loss.

    1.Vegetables: Yes, you should eat your vegetables, but there are special vegetables than can be extra healthful. Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli contain special agents that fight cancer. Try to eat as much color as possible.

    2.Fish: Eating fish should only be done so two times a week. Mackerel, tuna, sardines and salmon are loaded with omega-2 fatty acids that help keep your arteries clean.

  • Removable Dentures Becoming More Popular

    When most people think of dentures, there is still a negative stigma involved. We generally imagine a scene from a slap-stick comedy depicting an unlucky citizen with dentures barely fitting in their mouth. Often times, we have the pleasure of seeing the dentures fall out of their mouth and onto the floor. It usually seems like an overall non-hygienic, painful experience. However, this is simply not the case.

    More and more people now need removable full or partial dentures. Everyone from athletes to actors to diabetic children to senior citizens often are in need of dentures. In the events of sports injuries, in many cases, removable partial dentures are necessary. With today’s updated dentures, the new comfortable fit makes it feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

    Due to the increase in demand, dentures have advanced tremendously in the last decade. They are fully customized to fit each patient’s mouth and original smile. In some cases, the teeth are so perfectly set that they may even result in a better smile. They are so comfortable and natural-looking that nobody will ever know that a patient is wearing dentures. An increasing number of people have to wear removable retainers or removable braces during certain times of the day. Wearing removable retainers is common practice after someone has worn braces and an increasing number of people are now opting for clear removable brace trays. Dentures are now just as comfortable, or often more comfortable, than removable retainers or braces.

  • Will The President’s Job Bill Hurt Healthcare Jobs

    In light of President Obama’s recent speech outlining his plan to create jobs, critics on both sides of the isle question whether or not his plan will be helpful or harmful. Even in unlikely sectors like health care, there is speculation that the Obama bill could be a job killing one. According to industry experts, health care is one of the few sectors that have continued to add jobs despite a persistent economic downturn – about 74,000 in 2010. The problem with the Obama bill is its effect on Medicare and Medicaid.

    Impact of Cuts on Healthcare Jobs

    Of the previously mentioned is 74,000 healthcare jobs added last year, almost 40% were in the field of assisted living. It is a field which accounts for a fair amount of growth in the overall industry as the American population continues to age. Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients who utilize assisted living do so on Medicare and Medicaid dollars. If the President’s plan is successful in cutting spending for Medicare and Medicaid programs, it could jeopardize the health of many assisted living facilities to the point that they will be forced to close.